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The Starter Kit

Looking for a way to introduce design thinking to students in the classroom or colleagues at work? The Stanford's online Starter Kit is free and available over Zoom.

The Stanford’s three hour online intro to design thinking is specifically made for people who want to introduce design to students in classes or colleagues in the workplace. The curriculum is free to use and tailored for distributed learning (facilitators do need a Zoom Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan for breakout rooms and unlimited time). Participants only need a laptop with WiFi and Zoom, a pen, and a few sheets of paper. The workshop addresses a medley of design abilities, methods, and mindsets. A series of quick videos featuring designers at work gets participants up to speed while one-on-one activities give them a taste of how to practice human-centered design. The experience is guided every step of the way with step-by-step video instructions from educators Laura McBain & Louie Montoya.

Learn more about the course here.