The future of the book

September 21, 2010 — 6 Comments

The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo.

Some folks in the New York office of IDEO have been thinking about the future of the book and how it shows up as an experience on tablets. They would love to get your reactions to the ideas.

It is interesting to think how a media morphs as it transitions to a new technology platform. In this case is this really about the ‘book’ or is it something entirely new? There is a conversation going on over at IDEO’s Facebook page.

Tim Brown


6 responses to The future of the book

  1. one of the greatest videos ever!
    congrats, folks. A lot of congrats from Brazil

  2. That is great !!!
    It encourages me to lauck my i-book of “cronesias” with QRcodes & AR.

  3. Tim,


    This is really a game changer. Don’t stop at the concept! Create the software on your own, and go for it! Create a company and don’t waist time.

    Don’t wait for a customer to order it from you. Do it on your own.

    These are true game changer concepts. With Flipboard, your concepts are the most advanced play on books 2.0.

    I am just glad that not all my ideas are covered by Coupland, Nelson and Alice.

    My ideas are of course addressing the business model, and mass customisation.

    I believe you have to bring together Online and Onland to access new revenue sources.


  4. Hi Tim,

    We’re starting to see some degree of social networking play into our book choices, so Coupland makes some good inroads into the process. It’d be interesting to see this play out on different formats (ie, Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc.).

    The Alice piece is the most interesting. It’s hard to create parallel content from a publisher’s or author’s standpoint, as the investment required is much greater. It’d be great to see crowdsourced content at various locations that are relevant to the book. The content can then be rated up or down based on the experiences of other users.

    Just a thought – really interesting questions. Sounds like you guys are getting some great ideas into the question of why people read and what they want out of their reading experience.



  5. Wow! That is amazing…I want all three.

    I like getting the 360 view of topic from on the Nelson. The social aspect of the Coupland is cool, especially in an environment where collaboration is fostered. The interactive aspect of the Alice is just plain fun!

    Thanks for sharing


  6. The paradigm I see as most successful is Alice I think it is closest to the way strong readers read, research, and think about books for both fiction and non-fiction.

    I think the first two paradigms can cause unbalancing of opinions because groups can clearly cause monocultures. They also seem harder to adapt to the classics as well as academic literature as literature.

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