Where I Work: Creative Serendipity

January 29, 2013

Project teams and small groups need to easily congregate—and then just as easily wander into private spaces for design iterations, coding sessions, etc. The mix of project rooms, smaller conversational nooks, and individual phone booths makes this possible. Our studio also allows for the high percentage of casual transient spaces needed to let folks easily collaborate.

This is a photo (above) of a corner of our San Francisco studio. The space is meant to enable the fluid nature of creative work at IDEO.

Individual IDEO-ers reserve a new desk space every week—meaning you never know who you’ll be sitting next to. This constant flux makes it easier to get inspired by colleagues in other disciplines. You never know when you’ll be sitting next to me!

At IDEO, we continue to create new spaces and work arrangements that invite inspiration, collaboration, and serendipity. Our spaces are ever-evolving prototypes.

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