Inspiration Break: Creative Confidence

November 29, 2012

Recently I recommended that you watch David Kelley's TED talk on Creative Confidence, one of 10 talks chosen by TED for a playlist about the beauty—and difficulty—of being creative.

Since then, Harvard Business Review magazine has published an article by Tom and David Kelley that expands on the concept, "Reclaim Your Creative Confidence," along with an audio interview on "The Four Fears Blocking You From Great Ideas."

As David and Tom describe it, creative confidence is the ability to come up with breakthrough ideas, combined with the courage to act. Individuals with creative confidence live up to their potential to identify and launch creative solutions that solve unmet needs and create maximum impact on the world around them.

One phrase from the piece that resonates with a lot of people is this: "Creative thinking in business begins with having empathy for your customers (whether they’re internal or external), and you can’t get that sitting behind a desk."

On your inspiration break today, read "Reclaim Your Creative Confidence." What resonates most with you?

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