Human Centered Design Toolkit update

August 28, 2009 — 4 Comments

I posted about the Human Centered Design (HCD) Toolkit back in December. Since then it has been downloaded over 6200 times. It is now available in its second edition. You can find out more about it on IDEO’s website (and download it for free) here and, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of priniting it, order hard copies from Blurb here.

Tim Brown


4 responses to Human Centered Design Toolkit update

  1. Hi Tim,
    I think this would be a great addition for my class on Social Entrepreneurship, however, I’m having the same problem as Katherine. I can’t get download the PDF file. Cheers, Erik

  2. Hello Tim,

    Been wanting to be in contact with you for quite sometime. I live in Subang Jaya, Malaysia and we have an extreme end of design thinking. Problem is design thinking is least importance, as you can see happening in most parts of South east asia region. Very visual. We are having a design conference on the March 2010, as we would like to invite you to speak, in creating a great spark here, as an awareness to the public and especially the design society, here in Malaysia.

    It would be awesome to have you here.

  3. I really appreciate IDEO sharing its methodology like this. The transparency is refreshing, and it’s great to see these tools being made available to a wider audience.

    We did a self-funded exploratory project recently (we’ve posted extensively on our methods and findings at ), and it was liberating to be able to have dialogue around the details of the work; since so much of what we do for clients is of necessity “undercover.”

    It’s very positive to see this type of sharing going on.

  4. Thank you for the HCD toolkit. I discovered this page while reading an article on Social Innovation Through Design Thinking. I teach a lot (mostly technology related topics, Thinking about Thinking etc.). I would love to practice design thinking and teach.

    I am excited to see that you have decided to share your wonderful experience. Truly a source of inspiration for the rest of us to do similar things in our own small way.

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