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An interdisciplinary team from CCA (California College of Arts) and the University of Santa Clara have been working on a project for the 2009 Solar Decathlon. The video tells a very nice story of a group of smart students dealing with the challenges of a complex piece of design thinking. A link to the project on the CCA site is here. The movie was made by one of the project team members, Alexander Winter.

Tim Brown


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  1. Congratulations to all the professors at CCA that have been working on this… Good luck at the decathlon!

  2. Remember, digital technology has changed everything:

    There is no film anymore, why are we sticking to rectangular film?

    There are no tapes any more, why are we sticking to linear sound?

    There are no single clocks anymore, why are we sticking to Einsteinian one observer?

    There are no objects any more, why aren’t we thinking about fields?

    There are no texts any more, why aren’t we thinking in icons?

    There are no numbers any more, why aren’t we thinking in volumes?

    Marshall McLuhan, Canadian Media Theorist “The Medium is the Message”, said the first thing we do in a new media is copy all our old way of doing things into it, old applications. Then we start to come up with ideas that actually create new applications.

    Design is not enough, Concept and Context must also be readdressed.

  3. The definition of sustainability is wrong.

    We must learn to take all we need, and less than what we want.

  4. Some adults find it difficult to take on new habits/thoughts, but art will always challenge us to accept not only others differences but that our own requirements are far less than we once thought.. :)

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