I’m blogging at Fast Company this week

April 27, 2009 — 2 Comments

I’ll be spending this week guest blogging for Fast Company. I am using it as an opportunity to dig into the participation economy ideas that I first posted about a few weeks ago. Indeed the first post is a redux of that original to introduce the topic to Fast Company readers. The next four posts will be new. I plan to explore metrics for a participation economy, transactions that support participation, health care reform and designing for participation. A few days after they appear over at FC I will also post them here.

You can find an intro by Linda Tischler here and the first post here.

Tim Brown


2 responses to I’m blogging at Fast Company this week

  1. Hi Tim,

    It’s a coincidence you’ve posted this blog entry today. I just this morning finished the book ‘Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered’ (http://tiny.cc/xzACy). I definitely recommend if it’s slipped under your radar. Throughout the book I couldn’t help notice how relevent the authors take on the economy is to the thinking of a designer…

    I’ve been thinking lately whether the career of a ‘product’ design is the road to take once graduated. I prefer to work on the bigger picture as opposed to the one product. I’m keen to further explore stratergy and service to see if the answer lies there. Though ideally I’d prefer a career that combined them all. I was just wondering how you’d advise students to craft their education in such a way that will lead to a career in ‘design thinking’? Or is it something that opens up as you climb the design ranks from junior to senior etc.?

    I’m not 100% if any of those questions made any sense. Though any advice would be much appreciated.

    Look forward to reading the rest of the blog entries over at FastCompany. I’m often wary about talking about subjects such as economics/politics from the pov of a designer, but your opening paragraph hit the nail on the head. To the point I’m considering exploring the area as a possible dissertation subject.



  2. Very thought provoking blog at Fast Company. Instant gratification is a strong pull…Article in today’s Wall St. Journal that discusses how some companies are rewarding their employees for making long-term changes for their health rather than responding to short-term gratification. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124087787244061601.html

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