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3 responses to Evolving Your Identity

  1. “In the 21st century, our networks are our identity…”

    Couple of reactions:
    1. I’d say that our identity has always been shaped by our environment – its just that in the 21st century, the boundary of that environment has become a limitless network due to technology.

    2. I accept that the above statement is true but not always a good thing. One could say a collective identity has purpose in the business or social context – and that is good because we are part of a greater whole and it helps bring alignment. But equally important is a journey of introspection that’s in search of the identity of the individual or self. And it requires disconnecting from your network on a regular basis to do that.

    More intriguing than identity is the topic of “ego” – it has a desire to network with others to learn, share, and become part of community…but at the same time the ego wants a separate identity from others.

    It seems to me change isn’t a collective thing – its more a catalyst thing …and human catalysts have/require strong egos that are necessary to drive change. While their “network identity” informs and shapes how they go about it but it is their “individual identity” or ego that drives the change. At least, that’s been my observation of leaders in organizations…

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