Permission to Innovate

December 31, 2010 — 2 Comments


I was given the opportunity to contribute to the HBR Agenda 2011 and wrote a short piece on the idea of successful companies earning  ‘permission to innovate’ from customers and stakeholders. You can see it here and the other 23 contributions from far more esteemed folks such as Dan Pink, Michael Porter, AG Lafley and Bob Sutton here.

Tim Brown


2 responses to Permission to Innovate

  1. Tricia, i agree completely. Its almost as if executives are afraid of what might happen to their jobs if they give in to creative. I think they imagine the company being suddenly over-run by kids throwing paper airplanes and standing on tables.

    I work at such a company, they think that design is a necessary evil, instead of a component of success. Get a couple VPs with a PhD an MBA, loaded with analytical thinking, and that person is not going to listen even if it makes perfect sense.

    Recently, i’ve put together a ppt document outlining holistic design throughout the company. It outlines a way to move design upstream into innovation and why it would work… sadly it’s been met with skepticism.

    All I can do is keep pushing, and one day find a crack in the ceiling.

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